Principal Investigator

Mitra J.Z. Hartmann

Mechanical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering

Research Engineer

Kevin Kleczka

Graduate Students

Yifu Luo

PhD Candidate
Mechanical Engineering

Thomas Janssen

PhD Student (co-advised by Neelesh Patankar)
Mechanical Engineering


Ph.D Students

Nadina Zweifel
PhD 2022, Biomedical Engineering
Matt Graff
PhD 2016, Mechanical Engineering
Hannah Emnett
PhD 2022, Mechanical Engineering
Beghou Consulting
Lucie Huet
PhD 2016, Mechanical Engineering
Admir Resulaj
PhD 2022, Neuroscience
Jennifer Hobbs
PhD 2015, Physics and Astronomy
Schnaude Dorizan
PhD 2022, Neuroscience
Entrepreneurial Fellows Program, Chicago Biomedical Consortium
Chris Schroeder
PhD 2013, Biomedical Engineering
Ian Abraham (jointly supervised with Todd Murphey)
PhD 2020, Mechanical Engineering
Assistant Professor at Yale University
Mark Locascio
PhD 2012, Mechanical Engineering
DMC Engineering Consulting
Nicholas E. Bush
PhD 2019, Neuroscience
Postdoc at the University of Washington
Brian Quist
PhD 2012, Biomedical Engineering
Boston Consulting Group
Chris Bresee
PhD 2019, Neuroscience
Postdoc at UC Davis
Blythe Towal
PhD 2010, Biomedical Engineering
Postdoc at Caltech, now at Qualcomm
Anne En-Tzu Yang
PhD 2018, Mechanical Engineering
Postdoc at Sorbonne Universite (ISIR)
Aniket Kaloti
PhD 2010 Neuroscience
Postdoc at MIT, now with UMT Consulting Group
Hayley Belli
PhD 2017, Biomedical Engineering
Postdoc at NYU
Yan Yu
PhD 2017, Mechanical Engineering
Postdoc at Baylor College of Medicine

NU PREP and M.S. Students

Reem Ibrahim
PREP Scholar, NUIN
PhD Student in the NUIN program
Patrick Shanley
MS 2013, Professional Masters in Biotechnology
Advanced Cooling Therapy (Biomedical Device Startup)
Yihan Ping
MS 2021, Mechanical Engineering
Alex Birdwell
MS 2008, Mechanical Engineering
Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University
Mark Galperin
MS 2021, Mechanical Engineering
Jeannette Wu
MS 2021, Biomedical Engineering
Yingfen Yi
MS 2019, Mechanical Engineering
Start-up in Chicago, IL
Trevor Alston
MS 2019, Biomedical Engineering
Chase Gunderud
MS 2018, Biomedical Engineering
Pravin Kumarappan
MS 2016, Biomedical Engineering
James A. Ellis
MS 2015, Neuroscience
Yan Man
MS 2014, Mechanical Engineering